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Doctor, heal people’s touch

Months & years
rapes & stains
patient eyes, scratched cheeks,
broken noses, torn clothes.

Too many hands squeezed our blood
too many feet crushed us to death
our wrath surged like a wave
our anger makes us very relentless.

The best flowers stopped blooming so much.
Horror was deeply rooted in our hearts
sorrow took deep roots in our scars.
Doctor, heal people’s touch.

Covered with mud
buried with dung
we learnt to hug
we learnt to act.

We need to move in the clearest sunshine
we want to dance at night in the softest moonlight
we know we can sing only together:
our dance & love song will make us proud.
One day

Just for my colour invisible
wondering wandering along the streets
just for my colour visible
painfully pushed among the crowd

one day a door slammed open
one good hand let me in:
I could see sunshine & oceans
so many friends ready for me.

Now we are still together
(thirst & hunger left behind),
my hand is always ready
I share a world of love.
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